Microorganism detection solutions for your process

From real-time PCR kits to Artificial Intelligence software, you will find a wide range of solutions to start improving your microbiological program.

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Our systems are designed to work seamlessly across the entire production lifecycle, so you can be confident to deliver safe and high-quality products.​


If you use our TAAG S11 NeutroSampling kit to perform environmental swabbing, you can automatically link all digital information in TxA with the sample by scanning the QR code printed on TAAG S11 NeutroSampling tubes.

  TAAG Kits

Using our real-time PCR kits, you can rapidly identify specific microorganisms in your samples. We specialize in both pathogen and spoilage microorganisms detection, and all of our kits are connected with our AI software for automatic interpretation of results and data analysis.


Our laboratory services include genetic testing for pathogens and spoilage microorganisms, DNA sequencing services for traceability, all connected with our artificial intelligence platform to support your quality assurance team.


Wether they come from using our real-time PCR kits or from our laboratory services, our test results are automatically interpreted by TxA. Besides, you can generate customized results with detailed information about the microbiological status of your plant.


The TAAG Xpert Assistant (TxA) is a data-driven artificial intelligent platform that interacts and analyzes all steps in the microbial dynamics chain to help you maximize both quality and safety of your plant.

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