We've reimagined what a microbial laboratory service should be

Our laboratory services include genetic testing for pathogens and spoilage microorganisms, DNA sequencing services for traceability, and an artificial intelligence platform for dynamic environmental sampling

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Fast and low cost pathogen PCR testing, finally!

We have developed proprietary technologies for identification of multiple pathogens in one single PCR reaction. In other words, you can gain access to pathogen testing at a much lower cost.

*Depending on number of samples

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1 PCR test, over 50 spoilage microorganisms, 100% quality assurance

Using our TAAG SP Spoilage laboratory test, you can rapidly identify specific microorganisms in your sample, thus being able to answer a fundamental question:

My sample is positive for microorganisms, but does it have any spoilage microorganism?

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Spoilage ID means better spoilage strategy

Next Generation DNA
sequencing services

Strain typing for traceability and for identifying the root cause of contamination, microorganism identification, determination of the microbiological baseline in your plant, authenticity testing, and more…

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Database creation

Create a microorganism DNA database from environmental isolates taken from key points of your plant.

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Microorganism detection

Detect microorganism DNA in your finished products by real-time PCR.

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Contamination tracking

Compare microorganism DNA with the database to track the source of your contamination.


Say hello to your new microbiology expert

By using our testing services, you could access the TXA software for free*. TAAG Xpert Assistant (TxA) is a data-driven and artificial intelligent platform that interacts and analyzes all steps in the microbial food safety chain to help you to maximize the food safety of your plant.

Some features of TxA:

  •   Prediction of best next sampling points
  •   Automatic interpretation of PCR results
  •   Real-time warnings
  •   Automated Reports
  •   Statistics
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Discover how a Fortune 100 company validated our pathogen PCR kits

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TAAG S Series

Sampling devices for surface samples, interconnected with TxA for a smart sampling.

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TAAG SP Series

Real-time PCR kits to detect spoilage microorganisms in your productive process.

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TAAG Xpert Assistant

One AI platform for sampling, laboratory management and quality assurance.

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Laboratory Services

A wide range of solutions for pathogen detection and identification.

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