Better sampling, better food safety

Sampling, stabilization and transport of surface samples, all connected to an AI platform for full traceability and control of your plant.

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TAAG S11 NeutroSampling is a system for environmental sampling and transport of surface specimens, both alive and inert. NSS is ideal for post-sanitization surface samples, to test for sanitizer efficiency. Its transport medium is able to neutralize a wide spectrum of disinfectants and antimicrobial agents, including quaternary ammonium, phenols, chlorine, formaldehyde and glutaraldehyde.




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A smart tracking system and dynamic control of your plant, all in one place

TAAG S11 NeutroSampling is a sampling, transport and tracking device that allows you to easily link your sample and plant information with TAAG Xpert Assistant, so you can have full traceability and control over the microbiological status of your plant.


Use TAAG S11 NeutroSampling to collect swab samples of the surface you wish to analyze.


In TxA App, add information of the sampling point and scan the QR code printed on the test tube.


Your sampling point is now connected to both TxA Lab and TxA QA, for a complete follow-up.

AI for automated, smart and dynamic sampling scheme

If you use our TAAG S11 NeutroSampling kit to perform environmental swabbing, you can automatically link all digital information with the sample by scanning the QR code printed on TAAG S11 NeutroSampling swabs.

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