TAAG Food Safety Intelligence (TFSi)

Dynamic microbiological program based on genetic testing and artificial intelligence for maximizing food safety

A beautifully functional approach for

smarter food safety

The TFSi program is the world’s first one-stop solution for microbiological food safety. You will have all covered, from electronic onsite sampling and dynamic environmental monitoring plan to genetic testing kits up to automated and real time data analysis.

TAAG Food Safety Intelligence (TFSi) program, 4 powerful features

Preventive program

The TFSi program is expertly designed to prevent the contamination of finished products. Therefore the TFSi is focused on raw material and environmental monitoring

Dynamic monitoring

Based on last environmental microbiological results, TFSi algorithms automatically determine the next sampling points for better plant monitoring.

Multiplex qPCR

Simultaneous detection of Listeria, Salmonella, E. coli and S. aureus in one single real time PCR reaction. All pathogens are simultaneously detected in 22-26 hrs (enrichment included)

Insightful data analysis

All you need to know take action and increase the food safety in your plant. Analyze contamination patterns, checklist results, useful microbiological statistics and much more.

Reduce the risk of food recalls using TFSi

Did you know that for detecting contaminated food batches you need to analyze over 200 samples per lot?1
The TFSi program has a preventive approach. It is centered on fast identification of risk sources that could contaminate your final product, therefore the testing is mainly focused on raw material and plant environment.
1.-Midura, T. F. and R. G. Bryant. 2001. Sampling Plans, Sample Collection, Shipment, and Preparation for Analysis, Chapter 2.-In, F. P. Downes and K. Ito (eds.), Compendium of Methods for the Microbiological Examinations of Foods, 4th edition. American Public Health Association, Washington, D.C. pp. 13-23.

Dynamic and automated environmental monitoring plan using TAAG NeutroSampling Swabs

An important feature of the TFSi program is the digitalization of your food plant. This will allow you to exactly determine the contaminated points in plant and according to them the TFSi’s algorithms automatically define the best next sampling points to track down the contamination source.o.

The plant sampling is done using TAAG NeutroSampling Swabs. It works as follows:
1.- Your plant layout is digitalized in TAAG’s platform;
2.- According to the microbiological results, and using proprietary algorithms, the next sampling points appears automatically in the TAAG Biomapping app.
3.- Use TAAG NeutroSampling Swabs for taking the samples. Just select the point in the app, take the sample, take a picture if you want, and scan the QR code found in the TAAG NeutroSampling Swab.
That’s it! The exact position of the sample and all its information is uploaded.

Simultaneous detection of multiple pathogens in one single qPCR reaction

If your company has an internal laboratory, probably it does pathogen testing. Independently of the technology used, for detection of multiple pathogens the laboratory must run multiple parallel tests, until now…
Using TAAG’s nPLEX products your laboratory will be able to detect multiple pathogens in one single qPCR reaction in just 22-26 hrs (enrichment included). Detect simultaneously the following pathogens: L. monocytogenes, Salmonella, S. aureus, E. coli and E. coli O157:H7.
Implement nPLEX, generate important savings, simplify the workflow and increase productivity in your laboratory.

Comprehensive data analysis for effective corrective action

All you need to know about the microbiology of your plant you will find at TAAG’s data-driven web platform. Some of its features are:
1.- Instant identification and classification of contaminated samples.
2.- See in your plant layout how the contamination has moved and be always one step ahead.
3.- Perform statistical analysis of your most relevant microbiological data.
4.- Analyze your plant’s checklists and correlate them the microbiological results.

How to implement TFSi in your food plant?

Taking advantage of all TFSi’s technologies and tools is very simple!
Just implement TAAG’s nPLEX kits (multiplex qPCR) or TAAG’s laboratory services and you will have access to all TFSi benefits for free.

Kits nPLEX

Implement nPLEX kits in your laboratory and gain access to TFSi



Unlock the TFSi program using the EasyPCR service


Laboratory Services

Analyze your samples in TAAG’s laboratories to get TFSi


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