A revolutionary and comprehensive approach for smarter food safety

We take a holistic and functional approach to microbiological food safety. We have developed two product lines, advanced software
(TAAG Xpert Assistant) and genetic testing kits (TAAG nPLEX kits), that work beautifully together for maximizing the food safety.


Recently, we created a radical strategy for food safety, we call it: TAAG Xpert Assistant (TxA). Essentially, the TxA is a data driven and intelligent software that interacts and analyze all steps in microbial food safety chain to proactively deliver actionable insights to prevent microbial contamination in finished products.

TAAG Xpert Assistant links smoothly: digital sampling, TAAG genetic testing kits and deep data analysis for maximizing food safety

An important feature of the TxA software is the digitization of your food plant. This will allow to TxA to determine exactly the contaminated points in plant and, according to them, the TxA’s algorithms will automatically define the best next sampling points to track down the contamination source.

The plant sampling is done using TAAG NeutroSampling Swabs. It works as follows:

  1. 1. Your plant layout is digitalized in TxA.
  2. 2. According to the microbiological results, and using proprietary algorithms, the next sampling points appears automatically in TxA app.
  3. 3. Use TAAG NeutroSampling Swabs for taking the samples. Just select the point in the TxA app, take the sample, take a picture if you want, and scan the QR code found in the TAAG NeutroSampling Swab.

That’s it! The exact position of the sample and all its information is uploaded.

Say hello to TxA, your new Microbiology Expert!

The TAAG Xpert Assistant (TxA) consists of three connected software, which interact with the whole microbial food safety chain. All data analysis, dynamic and automated sampling schemes based on microbiological results, statistics, warnings, smart and dynamic corrective action proposals, etc. - is controlled by TxA.

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  • TxA app
  • TxA Food Safety
  • TxA Laboratory management
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Cutting edge, multiplex real time PCR, technology
One test, multiple microorganisms


TAAG NeutroSampling Swabs Kit. The TAAG NeutroSampling Swabs are intended to take environmental samples. Through the TxA app and QR code found in the swabs, the environmental samples are linked with the exact point in the food plant. All information is automatically uploaded to TxA.


TAAG MultieBroth kit. The TAAG MultieBroth Kits are dehydrated universal broths that allow simultaneous growth of multiple microorganisms. This product is intended to be used along with TAAG genetic testing kits.


nPLEX multiplex qPCR Kits. Our food-borne pathogen kits use proprietary TAAG technology based on Multiplexing real time PCR. The nPLEX kits simultaneously detect any of the following 4 pathogens: L. monocytogenes, Salmonella, S. aureus, E. coli and E. coli O157:H7; in just 24-28 hrs (enrichment included).

See more technical details +
  • Simultaneous detection of 4 pathogens in one single qPCR reaction
  • Fast (24-28 hrs, enrichment included), high sensitivity (1 CFU in 25g) and high specificity.
  • Fast real time PCR protocol, less than two hours
  • Internal control in all PCR reactions
  • Automated results. No need of human interpretation
  • Low cost open qPCR equipment. Only one single fluorescence channel needed
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Boost your operations and quality assurance

Use TAAG kits along with TxA platforms to generate important savings, simplify the workflow and increase productivity in your laboratory. You can use the TxA software to manage your laboratory or you can use the TxA API so you can easily connect the TxA to your current LIMS.

TxA Laboratory management or API connection to your LIMS

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Digital sampling using TxA app and TAAG NeutroSampling kit

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Samples arrive to the lab. All information goes to TxA

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Simultaneous enrichment of multiple pathogens using the TAAG MultieBroth kit

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Simultaneous detection of 4 pathogens in one PCR reaction using TAAG nPLEX kits

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TxA Food Safety

This is how you start improving your food safety

TxA platform with your lab tests

Pay a small fee per new sample uploaded. No paying per user, nor annual license, just pay as you go, easy!


All TxA features: Dynamic sampling, automated corrective actions, stats, etc.

TxA sampling app

TxA Laboratory management or API connection to your LIMS

TxA Food Safety


DNA detection kits based on Multiplex real time PCR. Results in 24-28 hrs (enrichment included)

Some of our kits:

Simultaneous detection of: L. monocytogenes, Salmonella, E. coli and S. aureus

Simultaneous detection of: L. monocytogenes, Salmonella, E. coli O157:H7 and S. aureus

TAAG Food Safety Solutions

TxA platform plus TAAG nPLEX kits. All you need for maximizing the food safety in your plant


TxA platform for free or with important savings

TAAG kits

Tailor made DNA testing kits

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We believe that human connections matter
So we bring actual people, real experts, to support your food safety

Customer success team

We love AI, but not when it comes to communicate with you. Our Food Safety Specialist (actual people!) are available around the clock and around the globe to help you to easily implement the TxA platform, TAAG kits and ultimately to help you to maximize the food safety in your food plant.

Some features of our customer success team include:

Helping you to implement and to use TxA and/or TAAG kits

Dedicated technical support from food safety experts

Technical advice about the best microbiological analysis for your food process

Technical advice about microbiological studies

Join over 100 food companies that already
improved their food safety!

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We look forward to discussing your needs!

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