TAAG Genetics is a biotechnology company born in 2001. We are building the world's first fully interconnected suite of multiplex molecular diagnostics kits, next generation laboratory services and AI-powered software for taking microorganism detection and identification to the next level.

Our innovative products and services function together with AI-based software platforms that generate high-quality DNA testing solutions in detection, identification and prediction of microorganism behavior.

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Working every day to create groundbreaking software and DNA testing solutions


In 3 countries, fully operative and dedicated to provide products and services


Analyzed in our laboratories every month

Our vision

At TAAG Genetics, we provide smart, simple and reliable solutions to complex problems, which respond to the challenges of the ever-changing world. We strongly believe in generating a positive impact in our customers through a dynamic combination of cutting-edge products and services.

We aim to build strong connections in our community by helping to keep productive processes safe and providing critical tools to our healthcare professionals.

Our Values


We believe in delivering premium products and services, and we have invested heavily in accreditation and quality assurance systems.

Continuous improvement

We strive for an ongoing update of our products and services, through incremental and breakthrough improvements.


R&D is at the heart of what we do. We believe that investing in scientific research is vital to provide cost-effective and smart solutions.

Customer oriented

We believe in working side by side with our clients to provide not just testing results, but real solutions to their problems.


Our team is commited to provide a strong technology base for innovative and superior products and services.

Our customers

TAAG Genetics' impact is global, serving over 300 customers in several countries, and reaching end-users in every single one.

Hundreds of companies have moved from traditional testing to TAAG multiplex PCR systems coupled with our AI software.

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Our laboratories and offices


Laboratory: Río Refugio 9641, Pudahuel. Santiago, Chile.

Phone: +56 229.353.216.

Email: contacto_CL@taag-genetics.com


3710 Illinois Avenue, Unit A, St. Charles, IL.60174 United States

Phone: (630) 246-7777

Email: contact_US@taag-genetics.com

Mexico City

Av. Coyoacán 1622. Colonia del Valle Sur. CDMX, Mexico.

Phone: +52 55 52.003.250

Email: contacto_MX@taag-genetics.com

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