Some characteristics and advantages
of our transport system


The right amount of medium, for an easy collection and transport of samples.

Reduce false

Neutralize most of available sanitizers to make sure trace chemicals do not alter further analyzes


The right amount of medium, for an easy collection and transport of samples.

A flawless tracking system and smart corrective actions, all in one place

Diagramas NSS

Imagine having access to a system which could help you make intelligent decisions about what to do next when planning the course of action to keep your productive process free from foodborne pathogens.

We have it here for you: Start by using TAAG S11 Food over the surface you which to analyze. Then, with the help of TxA App, take a photograph of the sampled surface and scan the QR code on the NeutroSampling Swab transport tube. This will link the sampling point to the test tube, and will allow a complete follow-up of your sample in both TxA Lab and TxA Dashboard platforms, as well as real-time smart solutions, prediction of the next sampling points, and corrective actions to be applied at your prouctive plant. Improving food safety has never been easier!


TAAG S11 Food

TAAG S11 Food kit are a system for environmental sampling and transport of surface specimens, both alive and inert. NSS is ideal for post-sanitization surface samples, to test for sanitizer efficiency. Its transport medium is able to neutralize a wide spectrum of dissinfectants and antimicrobial agents, including quaternary ammonium, phenols, chlorine, formaldehyde and glutaraldehyde.

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