To help you deal with Coronavirus, we are now including our Coronavirus checklist for free in the TxA Audits.


Say hello to your new Coronavirus expert!

Gain access to scientific Coronavirus knowledge, recommendations and real time
corrective actions using TAAG Coronavirus checklist.

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Use the TxA Audits app to control your
processes and minimize the Coronavirus risk

Perform a fast and efficient digital checklist focused on Coronavirus prevention.


An enlightening and efficient Coronavirus checklist

Perform a Coronavirus checklist focused on controlling the Coronavirus contamination in your environment and personnel, so you can keep running your business.


All your inspections results in one place so you can view the big picture

Use analytics to easily identify your weak spots and diminish the probability of Coronavirus contamination in your site.

The Coronavirus checklist is just the beginning.
Use TxA Audits app to control all of your processes.

Some of the most-loved TxA Audits features:

Build as many checklists as you want

You can build the checklists you want, anytime, anyplace. It is as easy as selecting the question and potential non-conformities associated to that question.

You can even link an automated corrective action to non-conformities if you want to automate your entire checklist.

Create as many sites as you wish

You will have full control. You can create new sites and make every site as specific as you want.

For example, we know that differentiating among areas inside a site is important. Using the TxA Audits, your site can be divided in specific areas so that you have better control.

Invite your teammates

Bring in your inspection team or anyone who can perform an inspection on-site.

You will be able to collaborate with them, see their checklist & reports, and add their information into your dashboard.

Automatic corrective actions

Automate your checklist, even your corrective actions. When you are building your checklist, you can link nonconformities with specific corrective actions.

As soon as your checklist is finished, the checklist report will include the corrective actions previously assigned.

Take pictures as evidence

Now your team can be your eyes in the field.

While in the checklist, you or your team can capture photos using your smartphone camera and associate them to specific questions or nonconformities.

Instant email with checklist summary

As soon as the checklist is finished you will receive an email with all important checklist information, such as: Overall compliance, compliance by area and also a direct link to the full checklist report, with photos!

Instant and professional reports

Go paperless using the TxA Audits. Immediately after finishing the checklist you can download a beautiful and professional PDF checklist report, even with photos.

You will be able to collaborate with them, see their checklist & reports, and add their information into your dashboard.

Statistics for continuous improvement

Using the TxA Audits you will get the big picture and you will have everything under control.

In the statistics page, you will easily identify trends and recognize weak spots so you can correct them fast and efficiently.

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