One simple workflow, multiple results.

TAAG kits detect multiple microorganisms in one single reaction, which means: important savings, an easier workflow and increased productivity for your laboratory.

Complement TAAG kits with the TxA Lab software and take your laboratory to the next level.

WorkflowNeutroSamplingkitKit for digitalenvironmental samplingTxA LabAdvanced laboratorymanagement softwareMultiEbrothmediaUniversal enrichment ofmultiple microorganismsSteriPLEX kitSimultaneous detection ofmultiple spoilage microorganismsin one single qPCR reactionnPLEX kitSimultaneous detection of multiple foodborne pathogensin one single qPCR reactionTxA App TxA Dashboard

All you need to boost your microbiology lab

NeutroSampling Kit NeutroSampling kit

The NeutroSampling kit contains swabs for taking environmental samples.

Through the TxA app and the QR code found in the swabs, the environmental samples are linked with the exact point in the food plant. All information is automatically uploaded to TxA.

MultiEbroth Media MultiEbroth media

The TAAG MultiEbroth Kits are dehydrated universal broths that allow simultaneous growth of multiple microorganisms.

Currently we have MultiEbroth media for the following applications:

  • Simultaneous enrichment for Listeria spp, Salmonella spp, E. coli and S. aureus from food and environmental samples.
  • Universal broth for spoilage bacteria
  • Universal broth for spoilage yeast and molds

nPLEX kit nPLEX kit

Currently, for detection of multiple pathogens the laboratory must run multiple parallel tests, until now...

Our foodborne pathogen kits use proprietary TAAG technology based on multiplex real-time PCR.

The nPLEX kits simultaneously identify any of the following 4 pathogens: Listeria spp, L. monocytogenes, Salmonella, S. aureus, E. coli and E. coli O157:H7; in just 22-28 hrs (enrichment included)

SteriPLEX kit SteriPLEX kit

Our spoilage microorganisms kits use proprietary TAAG technology that allows detecting hundreds of microorganisms in one single qPCR reaction.

The SteriPLEX kits simultaneously detect multiple microorganisms with higher sensitivity than traditional methods and allow traceability of bacteria, yeast and mold species that can cause spoilage in different food industries.


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