eScreen COVID-19 system is a molecular detection tool for the identification of SARS-CoV-2, based in isothermal nucleic-acid amplification (LAMP). eScren COVID-19 can detect RNA from SARS-CoV-2 qualitatively, in swab samples such as nashoparyngeal or nasal swabs.

Our eScreen COVID-19 system contains all the necessary elements to analyze the new Coronavirus. It integrates a sampling and transport kit, a molecular detection kit and a software for interpretation and automatic release of results.

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Some features and advantages of eScreen COVID-19 system


Limit of detection

Limit of detection comparable with other FDA approved kits


Clinical sensitivity

Comparable with other FDA approved kits




Extensive clinical

validation with 812 SARS-CoV-2 samples.

An integrated system for increased productivity

All the stages of the process have been validated and optimized, generating a highly efficient and reliable protocol, when compared with other available LAMP kits.

Stages of LAMP


RNA Extraction


Integration of results


Use of common nasopharyngeal swabs. Te sample is diluted Use of common RNA extraction kits. Only a fraction of the sample is actually processed. Detection of COVID-19 alone. There is no quality control of the sample, which may generate false negatives. Colorimetric interpretation of results which depends entirely on the viewer's training. High error probability and low performance.

eScreen COVID-19 system

Sampling kit designed for COVID-19 analysis. Samples are transported in high concentration. RNA extraction kit designed for COVID-19 analysis. The whole sample is processed. In adition to COVID-19 detection, human DNA is detected as a quality control of the sample. Automatic interpretation of results mediated by a software, without human criteria.

Advantages of using the eScreen COVID-19 system

Increses sensitivity. Increses sensitivity. Negative results are really negative. Increased reliability of results.

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