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We have developed an optimized workflow, which goes from nucleic acid extraction and multiplex PCR (multiple target detection in a single PCR reaction), to coronavirus data analysis management software, thereby increasing control, reliability and analysis capacity for laboratories testing for SARS-CoV-2

kit-toma-muestra-covid-19-enSample collectionkit COVID-19viral transport mediumTxA COVID-19COVID-19 processanalysis softwareextraction kitextraction kitSARS-CoV-2 real-timemultiplex PCR kitin a single real-time PCR reactionRESULTSof resultsof samplesViral RNAAUTOMATICPUBLICATION OFAutomatic analysis Automatic entrycontrol and results Column-based nucleic acid Nasopharyngeal torulas withKit that detects the N and RP gene

Everything you need to analyze SARS-CoV-2


Products validated in over 10,000 COVID-19 samples

From sampling materials, to our multiplex real-time PCR detection kits, everything has been strictly tested and validated to provide reliable results and to simplify the operation in the laboratory.

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TxA COVID-19 Software: More control, reliability and productivity

TxA COVID-19 is a brand-new web platform created specifically to control and optimize the processes needed for COVID-19 analysis in the laboratory.

Its features include analysis, interpretation and automatic result publishing. No more delays and interpretation errors…

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